Leos Cepicky
Born in 1965, Leoš Cepický started learning the violin at the age of six and took up the piano four years later. Following in his footsteps, both his son Jakub (b. 1990) and daughter, Elisabeth (b. 1995) play the violin and Leoš plays with his son in public performances as often as possible.

After spending 6 years at the Conservatoire in Pardubice, Bohemia, Leoš quickly made his mark as a violinist of remarkable talent and, on arriving in the Prague Academy of Performing Arts in 1985, became a founder member of the Wihan Quartet. He is now a much sought-after Professor of Violin at his Alma Mater.

Leoš has recently performed the Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Prokofiev and Beethoven violin concertos in the Czech Republic. In addition to his busy schedule with the Wihan Quartet, other forms of chamber music, such as the Trio with Gemma Rosefield and Michael Dussek, are also becoming important in his musical life.

In September 2010, Leoš Cepický was appointed Head of Strings at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts.